Classes and Curriculum

The Martin House goal is to create a nurturing environment where students play, discover, create and explore. Children have the opportunity to express themselves through fun and engaging hands on activities

The lead-teacher designs an activity schedule and lesson plan for their class. The lesson plan is created weekly and is posted in each classroom. Teachers plan their activities and arrange their classrooms for the developmental needs of their children and follow the Texas Early Childhood Guidelines. The individuality of each child is important and with the parents help, teachers create goals that can be worked on at school and at home.      

Early Learners

6 months to 3 years


The first years of a child’s life is extremely important. We provide a secure, loving, and encouraging atmosphere so your child may flourish in personal growth. Our teachers meet the individual needs of all children through responsive caregiving. They foster the development of each child’s social-emotional behavior, cognitive growth, language skills, motor skills, and creative abilities through the use of appropriate activities and practices.

Prekindergarten Program

3-5 years

Ms. Bonnie has over 10 years teaching experience, a Masters degree in early childhood education and was an Austin Independence School district kindergarten teacher. She leads our preschool team so that students are academically, socially, and emotionally prepared for kindergarten.  Students participate in daily center play and  projects that focus on pre-reading, writing, and math skills. We also teach these skills through themes that change two to three times a month. We offer circle time and daily storytelling.  We discuss our theme and practice many of the skills needed for kindergarten. We want our children to learn, play, and make lifelong friends while gaining the skills that will help them be confident entering kindergarten.  Ms. Bonnie uses the Texas Prekindergarten guidelines to structure the classroom learning environment.